2018 Conference Presentations – Wednesday, 26 September

10:00 am

Conf. Rm I – “Transformational Changes in Higher Education” (not available)


10:45 am

Conf. Rm II – “Transitioning to a Sustainable Operation at the U of U”

Conf. Rm III – ” Behind the Screens” (unavailable)

Conf Rm IV – “Addressing the Issues of a Fluctuating Campus Steam Demand”

1:30 pm

Conf. Rm I – “The Four Agreements”

Conf. Rm II – “Renovation of the 50-Year-old Farris Engineering Center”

Conf. Rm III – “How Did We Get Here?”

Conf Rm IV – “Servant Leadership Through Advanced Analytics and Fault Detection”

2:45 pm

Conf. Rm I – “Getting Your Next Promotion”

Conf. Rm II – “Lessons Learned With New and Proven Sustainable”

Conf. Rm III – “Join the Revolution-Custodial from Generalist to Specialist”

Conf Rm IV – “Modular Construction”

4:00 pm

Conf. Rm I – “Case Study: U of Wyoming Chilled Water Storage System”

Conf. Rm II – “People, Customer Service and the Mission”

Conf. Rm III – “In-House IPM – Pest Management”

Conf Rm IV – “A Safe Fume Hood”