Awards and Recognition


APPA’s highest institutional honor, The Award for Excellence in Facilities Management, provides educational institutions with the opportunity to receive national and international attention for their outstanding achievements in facilities management.

Since 1992, The Award for Excellence is awarded to any institution submitting a detailed self-evaluation that successfully meets the established criteria. An institution may be awarded an overall award, an award in any of the nine categories of excellence, or an award for a combination of categories. The award is valid for a period of five years.

1997 The Colorado College, Small Campus Category
1997 Brigham Young University, Large Campus International Winner
1998 The Colorado College, Small Campus Category
1998 University of Colorado, Large Campus Category
1999 New Mexico Military Institute, Small Campus Category
1999 University of Utah, Large Campus Category
2000 South Mountain Community College, Small Campus Category
2000 Northern Arizona University, Large Campus Category
2007 Utah State University
2012 University of Colorado Boulder
2012 Pima Community College
2013 University of Arizona
2014 University of New Mexico
2015 Weber State
2016 New Mexico State University


APPA’s Effective and Innovative Practices Award recognizes programs and processes that enhance service delivery, lower costs, increase productivity, improve customer service, generate revenue, or otherwise benefit the educational institution. Entries can describe either of an existing program or process.

2004 Brigham Young University – Capital Needs Analysis
2007 Arizona State University – Goals Tracking Application
2008 Montana State University (Bozeman) – Facilities Condition Index
2009 Weber State University – Safety Training Game
2015 University of Colorado (Boulder) – Labor, Trades and Crafts Trainee Program
2016 University of Colorado (Boulder) – Facilities Management Mentor Program


The Meritorious Service Award was instituted in 1958 and is APPA’s highest award for individual service. It is presented to APPA members in recognition of their outstanding contribution to their institution, their profession/ and the association. The award is presented at APPA’s Annual Meeting. The following regional members have received the Meritorious Service Award:

1958 Sam Brewster
1961 M.F. Fifield
1968 L. Terry Suber
1969 Robert L. Houston
1970 Richard A. Kendrick
1973 Gene B. Cross
1973 Gerald P. Hawk
1974 Martin F. Whalen
1975 Philip G. Rector
1979 Harold J. Anderson
1984 H. Val Peterson
1989 William A. Daigneau
1989 William S. Mutch
1991 Donald L. Mackel
1992 Douglas K. Christensen
1993 Pieter van der Have
1996 Gary Reynolds (Colorado College)
1997 George F. Krell (University of Wyoming)
2006 Harvey Chace (University of New Mexico)
2007 Polly Pinney (Arizona State University)
2010 Mary Vosevich (University of New Mexico)
2011 John P. Morris (University of Colorado Boulder)
Eakle Barfield (Montana State University Billings)
2013 Dave Button (University of Regina)


The Pacesetter Award is the newest addition to APPA’s awards profile. This award is designed to encourage further participation in APPA among those who have already made significant contributions at their region or chapter.

1999 Robert Lashaway
2000 David Cain
V. Randall Turpin
2001 L. Wayne White (Utah State University)
2002 Mary Vosevich (University of New Mexico)
2004 Paul Smith (Pima Community College)
Craig Bohn (University of Utah)
2005 David Brixen (Arizona State University)
Harvey Chace (University of New Mexico)
2006 Nancy Hurt (Colorado State University)
John P. Morris (University of Colorado Boulder)
2007 Mark Shively (University of Wyoming)
2008 Tommy Moss (Colorado State University)
2010 Viron Lynch (Weber State University)
2011 Kevin Hansen (Weber State University)
2012 Chris Eagan (University of Lethbridge)
2013 Lindsey Wagner (Northern Arizona University)
2015 Chris Kopach (University of Arizona)
Lisa Potter (University of Colorado, Boulder)


In 2009, APPA’s President Mr. Bill Elvey, created a new set of awards called the “Unsung Heroes” award. Annually, regional presidents are asked to suggest a worthy individual(s) who work tirelessly for their region, chapter, and/or the profession, but whom have gone unnoticed to date and are worthy of receiving an award from the president of International APPA. These individuals are recognized as “unsung heroes” during the Awards Ceremony at the APPA annual conference and further recognized at their regional or state conference the following fall.

2009 Shari Philpott (University of Colorado Boulder)
2010 Shawna Rowley (Weber State University)
Joseph Metzger (Arizona State University)
2011 Erik Van de Boogaard (Adams State University)
2012 Lisa Potter (University of Colorado Boulder)
2016 Kyle Williams (Brigham Young University – Idaho)


The APPA President’s Award was initiated in 1986 and is given to individual APPA members who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in facilities management and who have made outstanding contributions to the Association. The award is given at the discretion of the current APPA President. RMA members receiving this award include:

1994 Gary Reynolds
1996 Pieter van der Have
1997 Douglas K. Christensen
2000 David Cain
2000 Group Award to the Professional Leadership Center Advisory Council. RMA Members on the Council included Doug Christensen and Pieter van der Have.
2002 David Cain
2010 Joseph Metzger (Arizona State University)
BOK Editorial Team including:
Jack Hug (Emeritus)
Gary Reynolds (University of Colorado – Colorado Springs)
2012 Dave Button (University of Regina)
Polly Pinney (Arizona State University)
Regional Task Force including:
Chris Kopach (University of Arizona)
Mary Vosevich (University of New Mexico)
John P. Morris (UCB and NAU)
William Nelson (GLHN Architects)
2013 Cloriza Lomeli (GLHN Architects)
2016 Dave Button (University of Regina)


The Rex Dillow Award was initiated in 1987 and is presented to the author of the best article published in Facilities Manager magazine during the previous calendar year. Recipients are selected by the Information Services Committee and were awarded to the following RMA members:

1987 Douglas K. Christensen
1989 William S. Mutch


APPA’s Sustainability Award in Facilities Management is designed to recognize and advance sustainability excellence in educational facilities. This is APPA’s newest award and is reflective of APPA’s “Sustainability Statement” and was introduced for the first time in the 2012 annual award cycle. This award recognizes the facilities management department that has integrated sustainable policies and “green” practices throughout all facets of the organization and embedded them within the educational institution.

2013 University of Colorado, Boulder
2016 Colorado State University


While most awards recognize past achievements, the APPA Fellow designation brings with it both recognition for specific accomplishments to date and expectations for continued involvement in APPA’s leadership program through research and mentoring. The Fellow is APPA’s highest individual achievement award. Nominees must demonstrate active membership in APPA for a minimum of ten years; graduation from APPA’s Institute for Facilities Management; completion of APPA’s Leadership Academy; completion of an approved research project under APPA’s Center for Facilities Research; authorship of an article submitted for publication by APPA; and submission of two references from colleagues in the educational facilities profession that describe the individual’s successes and dedication to the field.

2004 Douglas K. Christensen (BYU)
Jac Hug (Emeritus)
2006 Gary Reynolds (Colorado College)
2016 John Morris (Northern Arizona University)


The Eagle Award is presented to an individual business partner who, on behalf of their company, has found unique and effective ways to partner with APPA on projects, initiatives, and programs to advance the educational facilities field.

2010 William Nelson (GLHN)


The RMA President’s Award is given to an individual RMA member who has demonstrated exceptional achievement in facilities management and who has made outstanding contributions to the Region or the Association. The award is given at the discretion of the current RMA President. Unfortunately RMA records are not available for this award prior to 2003.

2003 Jeff Turner (Casper Community College)
2004 John Bruning (University of Colorado Boulder)
2005 Wayne White (Utah State University)
2006 Harvey Chace (University of New Mexico)
2007 John P. Morris (University of Colorado Boulder)
2008 John P. Morris (University of Colorado Boulder)
2009 Harvey Chace (Retired, University of New Mexico)
2010 Shawna Rowley (Weber State University)
2011 Lander Medlin (APPA), Polly Pinney (Arizona State University), Nancy Hurt (Colorado State University)
2012 Glen Haubold (New Mexico State University), Jeff Butler (Montana State University),  Eakle Barfield (Montana State University – Billings)
2013 Lisa Potter (University of Colorado, Boulder) & Terri Willis (University of Colorado, Boulder)
2014 Viron Lynch (Weber State University)
2015 Chris Kopach (University of Arizona)
2016 Brian Johnson (University of Idaho) & Lisa Potter (University of Colorado, Boulder)
2017 Emmet Boyle (University of Regina)
2018 Timm Lyons (Brigham Young University – Idaho)
2022 Luis Rocha (University of Arizona) & Wim Chalmet (University of Lethbridge, Canada)


RMA BUSINESS PARTNER OF THE YEAR (Previously the Lee Newman Award)

The Business Partner of the Year award recognizes the greatest contributions to RMA by a Business Partner, as selected by the Board of Directors.

1999 NALCO
2000 Johnson Controls
2001 GLHN Architects and Engineers, Inc.
2002 CMS Viron
2003 Lerch Bates and Assoc/Jim Payne
2004 Stanley Consultants
2005 No specific recipient – General Appreciation given to all Business Partner
2006 GLHN Architects & Engineers
2007 Phoenix Controls
2008 Cal Hogan, Custom Windows
2009 GLHN Architects & Engineers
2010 McKinstry
2011 Jim Knutson (Consensus) – (Previously with Trane, Chevron Energy Services and Viron Energy Services)
2012 Chevron Energy Solutions (Bob Hooper)
2013 Spectrum
2014 GLHN
2015 Invista
2016 Spirotherm
2017 Chuck Gumeson (RMH Group)


Champion of Facilities Award (RMA)

The Champion of Facilities Award recognizes people who are elevating and developing leadership within their organization which fosters professional excellence.



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