Award Archives


The H. Val Peterson Award recognizes the person who has contributed the most to the development, stability, and furtherance of the RMA newsletter and toward effective communication throughout the RMA membership newsletter. This award was initially known as the Authorship Award, but was renamed in honor of the first recipient, H. Val Peterson, for his extraordinary record of newsletter contributions. H. Val Peterson has been noted to be the regions’ most prolific humorist and raconteur.

1999 H. Val Peterson (Arizona State University)
2000 Robert Lashaway (Montana State University)
2001 Frank Fox (University of Wyoming)
2002 E. Brian Nielson (University of Utah)
2003 Esther Frederico (PIMA Community College)
2004 Paul Smith (PIMA Community College)
2005 Mary Ellen Monroe (University of New Mexico)
2006 Jonathan Ford (Montana State University)
2007 Anna Weskerna (Idaho State)
2008 Charles Zillinger (University of Idaho)
2009 Emmet Boyle (University of Regina)
2010 Joseph Metzger (Arizona State University)
2011 Joseph Metzger (Arizona State University)
2012 Chris Kopach (University of Arizona)
2013 Lisa Potter (University of Colorado, Boulder)
2014 Shawna Rowley (Weber State University)
2015 Lisa Potter (University of Colorado, Boulder)
2016 John Morris (Northern Arizona University)
2017 Rachel Stone (The University of New Mexico)
2018 Timm Lyons (Brigham Young University – Idaho)


The Golden Nugget Award was instituted in 2005 and is presented to the institution with the most attendees at the annual RMA conference. The Golden Nugget Award is presented in three categories: institutions with a student population less than 5,000 FTE, institutions with student populations between 5000 and 10,000 FTE, and those with student populations greater than 10,000 students. The Golden Nugget Award ended in 2014.

Under 5k FTE 5k to 10k FTE Over 10k FTE

2005 Colorado College University of Colorado DHSC Salt Lake Community College
2006 Sheraton College Montana State University University of New Mexico
2007 Albuquerque Academy Montana State University University of Utah
Athabasca University Weber State University
University of Montana – Western
2008 Montana State University – Billings Southern Utah University BYU – Idaho
2009 Colorado Mountain College University of Regina Weber State University
2010 Colorado Mountain College University of Regina BYU – Idaho
2011 Casper College University of Lethbridge University of Saskatchewan
2012 Montana State University-Billings Montana State University – Bozeman Weber State University
2013 Montana State University, Billings University of Colorado, Denver University of Colorado, Boulder
2014 Montana State University, Billings University of Colorado, Denver Colorado State University