Fourteeners Mentoring Program

Fourteeners Mentoring Program

The Rocky Mountains are part of the North American Cordillera, which stretches 3,000 miles from Alaska through western Canada and the United States into northern Mexico. The centerpieces of this dramatic uplift are the 54 peaks over 14,000 feet, or “Fourteeners” as they are affectionately referred to by climbers.

In the fall of 2006 the RMA membership voted to create the Fourteeners Mentoring Program (14ers) to promote a recognition program for individuals within RMA who aspire to greater heights, support RMA in its mission to elevate the leadership and influence of facilities professionals, and to recruit and mentor others to prepare for and fulfill leadership roles at their own institutions, within RMA and within APPA.

Membership in the 14ers Mentoring Program is considered an honor and is acknowledged for those who have reached a milestone in their participation with RMA. Membership in the 14ers Mentoring Program is open to all RMA members who are in good standing and meet the longevity, participation and service requirements. Members of the 14ers Mentoring Program shall be committed to advancing the goals of RMA, and in addition be committed to the promotion of hospitality, mentorship, communication and comradeship within the region.

To become a member of the 14ers Mentoring Program, RMA members must climb fourteen peaks. Peaks consist of any combination of the following:

  • Must be an RMA member in good standing. Each year of membership counts as one peak. A minimum of three (3) years is required to be eligible for 14er Mentoring Program membership. This is a base requirement.
    There is one exception to this base requirement: APPA members who are new to the RMA region and have been members in good standing in their previous region(s) for at least three (3) years may count their time in their past region(s) as peaks after being an RMA member in good standing for at least one (1) year.
  • Attendance at an RMA annual conference counts as one peak for each year of attendance. A minimum of three (3) RMA annual conferences is required to be eligible for 14er Mentoring Program membership. This is also a base requirement in addition to being a member in good standing.
    There is one exception to this base requirement: APPA members who are new to the RMA region and have attended a minimum of two (2) regional conferences in their previous region(s) may count the attendance at these regional conferences as peaks after having attended at least one (1) RMA annual conference.
  • Attendance at an APPA annual conference counts as one peak for each year of attendance.
  • Participation as an RMA Board member, Committee chair or State/Province representative. Each term on the RMA Board counts as one peak: for example serving as President-Elect through Senior Representative earns four peaks; each year as Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Coordinator, Annual Meeting Coordinator, or Committee Chair earns one peak; and every three years as Historian or RMA State/Province representative on an RMA committee earns one peak.
  • Participation as a presenter at an RMA or APPA Educational Forum. Counts as one peak maximum per year.
  • Participation on an annual conference host committee. Counts as one peak. Chairing the host committee counts as two peaks.
  • Graduation from or completion of the APPA Supervisor Toolkit, APPA Institute or APPA Leadership Academy is worth one peak each.
  • Successful completion of the APPA Educational Facilities Professional credential (EFP) and/or the Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) count as one peak each.
  • Publish an article in the Facilities Manager magazine counts as one peak maximum per year.
  • Becoming a regional trainer such as a Supervisor’s Toolkit Trainer, or a CEFP prep course trainer counts as one peak.
  • Acceptance of a “Special Expedition” from the RMA Board earns one peak per completed assignment acknowledged by the RMA Board. Special Expeditions could include such things as participating on an APPA task force, etc.
  • Attainment of an APPA or RMA recognition award, e.g., Pace Setter, Fellow, Meritorious Service, President’s Award, H. Val Peterson Award, etc., – earns one peak per award.
  • Being a climbing buddy counts as two peaks.

Upon acceptance into the 14ers Mentoring Program, new members will pledge during the initiation program to continue their contribution and service through mentoring others and supporting the regional organization.

Not eligible to be a full RMA 14er Mentoring Program member? Or Looking for a Mentor?

A “Climbing Buddy” is typically a more advanced climber who assists newer climbers in mastering the art of climbing in a safe and enjoyable manner. In RMA, the Climbing Buddy Program is the nickname for RMA’s mentoring program. Gumbies, the term affectionately applied to novice climbers (mentees), may request a climbing buddy (mentor) by forwarding a completed application to the Lead Climber.

Communication frequency will be informal and left up to the climbing buddies, however frequent contact is encouraged. The ultimate goal of the RMA 14ers Mentoring Program is to help and encourage the mentees to become a full-fledged RMA 14ers Mentoring Program member. Becoming a member of the RMA 14er’s Mentoring Program demonstrates the mentee’s awareness of the full offering that RMA and APPA have to offer and prepares them to become mentors themselves. The mentor and mentee can agree to continue or discontinue their mentoring relationship, once the gumbie becomes a member of the RMA 14ers Mentoring Program.