APPA Professional Development

APPA’s professional development and training provide you with the background and support to take the lead in your own career and at your institution. These programs are created and lead by facilities professionals to support your effectiveness, success and achievement, allowing you to earn the credentials, recognition, and knowledge to elevate your standing and your position within your institution.

The Institute for Facilities Management
is designed as a four-track course of study, the Institute is held twice yearly and includes core programming in General Administration, Maintenance, Operations, Energy, Utilities, and Planning, Design, and Construction.

In today’s challenging and constantly changing environment an institution’s success depends on everyone, regardless of their position in the organizational chart. Learn more about APPA’s dynamic Leadership Academy, designed to bring out the leadership potential in each individual.

The Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) designation denotes the highest level of educational facilities mastery, elevating the credibility of the individual who holds the certification and the institution their certified professional represents.

Facility challenges continue to increase — in both number and substance. Senior facility officers desire an opportunity to network and discuss challenges and issues with peers. Your issues are high-level, long-term, often abstract, and require innovative and creative solutions. Information about programming for SFOs, please contact Suzanne Healy, Director of Professional Development, today.