2018 Conference Presentations – Tuesday, 25 September

9:30 am

Conf. Rm I – “Getting Your Next Promotion”

Conf. Rm II – “Engaging Industry on Campus”

Conf. Rm III – “Getting to 100% Renewable Electricity”

Conf Rm IV – “Managing Parking and Transportation”

10:30 am

Conf. Rm VI – “Leading from the Inside Out”

10:45 am

Conf. Rm I – “The Four Agreements”

Conf. Rm II – “Addressing Deferred Maintenance”

Conf. Rm III – “Successful Strategies for Designing Net-Zero Energy Campuses”

Conf Rm IV – “I Want Your Best Performance?”

1:30 pm

Conf. Rm I – “On Budget, Ahead of Schedule”

Conf. Rm II – “FM Cares – A Review of U of A FM Customer Service Training”

Conf. Rm III – “An Energy Efficient Lab Building”

Conf Rm IV – “Thermal Mass 2.0-Innovative Phase Change Materials for High Performance Design”

2:45 pm

Conf. Rm I – “Changing Workspace – Changing Culture”

Conf. Rm II – “Cracking the Deferred Maintenance Code”

Conf. Rm III – “How Much Can a Campus Save by Integrating Room Scheduling into HVAC?”

Conf Rm IV – “The Value of an Online Customer Service Solution”