Business Partner Opportunities

Business Partner Opportunities

The RMA values its Business Partners and hopes that you will consider becoming a partner with RMA.  Should you become an RMA Business Partner Member, you can benefit from the following opportunities:


Exhibiting at RMA’s Annual Conference

Exhibiting at RMA’s annual conference at discounted rates is a great benefit of membership.  As a registered exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to speak directly with conference attendees who are seeking the latest information on technology, products, and services.  As an exhibitor, you will receive a list of registrants prior to the conference and a final list of registrants after the conference.  When registered, you will also be able to attend conference special events with registrants as well as all meals and educational sessions during the conference.  You will also be entitled to place an advertisement in the Conference Proceedings.



Sponsorships provide an added opportunity for Business Partners to touch facility directors and managers.  Business Partners may select sponsorships ranging from Key-Note Speaker sponsor to Special Event Sponsor to Break Sponsor.  The list of opportunities is long and RMA members are truly appreciative of those who contribute to make the annual conference a success.  Sponsorships may include: Pre-conference and post-conference recognition on RMA’s website with logo; onsite signage and recognition; mention in Conference Proceedings.


Drive-In Workshops

Participating in APPA Drive-In Workshops is a wonderful way to spread the word about your goods or services to a focused audience of institutional members in a given geographical area.  Drive-In Workshops are a collaboration between a Business Partner and an RMA member institution.  Workshops are half-day technical sessions, geared toward facility managers.  The sponsoring institution provides the venue for the session and the Business Partner provides a continental breakfast, a lunch, and the presentation along with all documentation.  To learn more, or to schedule a Drive-In Workshop, visit or contact Corey Newman at [email protected] .



Presenting an RMA Webinar provides a forum that allows a Business Partner to get his or her message out to a larger, and more focused audience.  These webinars typically are held over a lunch hour and are open to anyone at any RMA member institution that has an interest in the Business Partner’s products or services. Copies of the webinar are kept on the RMA website for future viewing for any interested member.  To learn more or to schedule a Webinar, contact  Chris Kopach at [email protected] .



Forging relationships is perhaps the most valuable benefit of RMA membership.  Enduring relationships with facility managers and other industry professionals are a frequent result of participation in RMA events as a Business Partner.



RMA recognizes the contributions of Business Partners in several important ways.  We offer opportunities for Business Partners to participate on certain key committees.  RMA elects a Business Partner board member to its Board of Directors.  Qualified Business Partners are welcome to join the prestigious 14er’s Club.  And each year the Lee Newman Award is presented to the Business Partner who has contributed the most to the RMA organization.



The Rocky Mountain Region has some of the most spectacular meeting sites imaginable.  The annual conference moves around to different locations each year, so Business Partners get to demonstrate their specialties in many beautiful venues.