Board Position Descriptions

President – Direct, manage and oversee the day-to-day operations of the RMA Region and Board of Directors and Chair all RMA Board meetings.

President-Elect – Responsible for RMA’s Strategic Plan and preparing for tenure as President (after one year).

Communications Coordinator – Manage RMA website, social media, and member and business partner communications from the RMA Board.

Secretary – Record minutes of all meetings, update bylaws, and manage the official correspondence file.

Treasurer – Manage RMA assets, budget, and expenditures; provide monthly financial report to RMA Board of Directors; maintain financial records and provide needed documentation and assistance for tax preparation.

Business Partner Representative – Represent RMA business partner membership at all Board meetings and strive to enhance business partner relationships with the RMA region.

Historian – Manage and maintain historical records for the RMA Region, including maintaining the repository of such documents.

Membership Chair – Maintain up-to-date and accurate membership records; Assist with member and business partner recruitment and retention; liaison with APPA Membership Committee

Annual Meeting Coordinator – Guide and counsel with the Host Committee in achieving a successful Annual Meeting, including negotiating contracts, planning milestones, selecting conference sites, coordinating with APPA, preparing reports, and assisting the Host Committee.

Professional Development Chair – Provide and oversee learning opportunities for the RMA membership in coordination with APPA and Business Partners, develop trainers and keep records of completed training.

Awards and Recognition Chair – Assist with annual awards at the National and Regional level and manage RMA scholarship program; liaison with APPA Awards committee.

14ers Mentoring Program Lead Climber – Coordinate and administer the RMA 14ers Mentoring Program – report annually to the Board on the program, process applications, coordinate assignments and meetings, interface with Membership and Host Committee chairs, and maintain metrics and records.

To apply for a Board Position, please fill out the RMA Board Application and send it to [email protected].