RMA Strategic Goals

RMA Mission Statement

The mission of RMA is to elevate the leadership and influence of facilities professionals.

RMA Strategic Goals

Goal 1 – Update the annual meeting program to better meet the needs of the average member.
We would like the Professional Development committee to take responsibility for this goal and to create some guidelines for the annual meeting program so we are better meeting the needs of our average member.

Goal 2 – Create and support mentoring programs via the 14ers Club.
We would propose that John Morris and the 14er Club members, with assistance and support from the Awards and Recognition Committee, develop this goal into something that has merit and real value for all of our members.

Goal 3 – Develop an RMA communication strategy that supports marketing of programs and celebrates achievements of members.
We would like to see the Information and Research Committee take the lead on this goal and work closely with the newsletter editor. We felt collaboration with the Professional Affairs committee would also be required to be successful in achieving this goal.

Goal 4 – Improve the scholarship program, including marketing, accessibility, and breadth.
We felt this goal could best be pursued by the Professional Development Committee as they oversee the educational program offerings of RMA.

Goal 5 – Create targeted training opportunities in RMA, e.g., limited travel, state or sub-region focus, or electronic media/webinars, etc.
We felt this goal could also be best pursued by the Professional Development Committee working with the RMA president.

Goal 6 – Translate the RMA/Business Partner relationship into a more mutually beneficial association, e.g. more benefit to business partners and the average member.
We felt the Professional Affairs committee, working with the annual meeting coordinator, and with assistance from the 14ers Club members, would have the best opportunity to lead to achieving this goal.