Welcome to Rocky Mountain APPA

Rocky Mountain APPA promotes the common interests of planning, maintenance and operation of facilities within the region’s educational institutions, supports and supplements the activities of APPA, and fosters a professional spirit among those engaged in this work.

The RMA includes the states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and the Canadian Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories.

RMA Board of Directors call for volunteers to fill four board positions

Rocky Mountain APPA (RMA) seeks to fill four board of directors positions that will open next year beginning September 2018.  These positions are:

  • Treasurer– Responsible for managing RMA assets and the budget, making reimbursements for RMA expenses, prepare monthly and annual financial reports, etc.  This position will overlap with the current treasurer for training and continuity of the position.  The candidate for this position will be invited to participate at the Spring board meeting to be held in Aurora, CO, on April 24 – 26, 2018.
  • Historian– Maintain the records and history, as we make it, for RMA.
  • Awards & Recognition chair– Responsible for the various awards presented to institutional members and business partners, solicits recommendations from the membership, reconciles voting on the awards, responsible for various RMA and APPA sponsored scholarships given out annually, among other responsibilities.
  • Information & Research chair– The Information and Research Committee has a key role in fostering the growth and dissemination of the collective body of knowledge that elevates the role of educational facilities professionals.  The chair works with both the RMA committee and national committee.

For more information about the responsibilities, please review to the board member duties outlined in:  http://rma.appa.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Board-Member-Duties-May-2017.pdf

RMA needs your support and involvement for our continued success.  If you are interested in becoming more involved with the region, and to give back to the profession, please consider applying for one of these positions.  To apply, please send your letter of interest for the position to Dave Turnquist, which needs to indicate that you have your institution’s support to david.turnquist@ucdenver.edu by December 15, 2017.  If you have any questions about these positions, please call me at 303-724-1100 or email me at david.turnquist@ucdenver.edu.

 The RMA Board of Directors request vote from Primary Reps

The RMA Board of Directors have proposed name change to the 14ers Club.  The proposed name is the 14ers Mentoring Program. Institutional primary representatives have been asked to visit  www.appa.org/vote_rma/ to cast their vote.  All voting will be completed by December 20, 2017. Below reflects the change to the RMA By-laws proposed by the RMA Board:

ARTICLE VI – 14ers Mentoring Program

The Rocky Mountains are part of the North American Cordillera, which stretches 3,000 miles from Alaska through western Canada and the United States into northern Mexico. The centerpieces of this dramatic uplift are the 54 peaks over 14,000 feet, or “Fourteeners” as they are affectionately referred to by climbers.

  1. Purpose – The purpose of the 14ers Mentoring Program (previously known as the 14ers Club) is to:
    1. Promote a recognition program for individuals within RMA who aspire to greater heights.
    2. Support RMA in its mission to “promote and develop the leadership capabilities of the higher education facilities management professional by providing timely opportunit for communications, partnerships, and education.”
    3. Recruit and mentor others to prepare for and fulfill leadership roles at their own institutions, within RMA and within APPA International.
  2. Membership – Membership in the 14ers Mentoring Program is considered an honor and is acknowledged for those who have reached a milestone in their participation with RMA. Membership in the 14ers Mentoring Program is open to all RMA members who are in good standing and meet the longevity, participation and service requirements. Members of the 14ers Mentoring Program shall be committed to advancing the goals of RMA, and in addition be committed to the promotion of hospitality, communication and comradeship within the region.
  3. Eligibility for Membership – To become a member of the 14ers Mentoring Program RMA members must climb fourteen (14) peaks. Criteria for eligibility must be approved by the Board of Directors and be available to all RMA members.
  4. Lead Climber – The Lead Climber shall be selected by majority vote of the 14ers Mentoring Program membership present at the annual meeting. There will be no limitation on the number of years for which an individual may be re-elected. The Lead Climber shall:
    1. Attend the Fall RMA Board of Director’s meeting and report on the status of the organization. The annual report shall include an update on the program’s development mentoring prospects and recruitment status.
    2. Ensure applications for new membership and Climbing Buddy requests are available on the RMA website.
    3. Receive and process application requests.
    4. Initiate new members into the 14ers Mentoring Program.
    5. Coordinate Climbing Buddy assignments.
    6. Maintain records of 14ers Mentoring Program membership and Climbing Buddy assignments.
  5. 14ers Mentoring Program Members – Upon acceptance into the 14ers Mentoring Program new members will pledge during the initiation program to continue their contribution and service through mentoring others and supporting the regional organization.
  6. Climbing Buddies – A “Climbing Buddy” concept shall be incorporated to promote comradeship and mentoring. Gumbies, the term applied to novice climbers, may request a climbing buddy. Upon approval by the Lead Climber, a 14ers Mentoring Program member will be assigned to the gumbie as a climbing buddy. Communication frequency will be informal and left up to the climbing buddies, however frequent contact is encouraged.
  7. Honorary Memberships – Honorary membership into the 14ers Mentoring Program shall be permitted upon approval of the RMA Board of Directors.
  8. Annual Meeting – The 14ers Mentoring Program shall meet annually during the RMA Annual Educational Forum. Meetings shall include:
    1. Election of the Lead Climber.
    2. Initiation and recognition of new members.
    3. Distributing milestone peak climbing awards.
    4. Assignment of climbing buddies.

The full copy of the RMA Bylaws can be found at: http://rma.appa.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Bylaws_2017.pdf

Job Opportunities

The University of New Mexico (UNM)

Master HVAC Tech: https://unm.csod.com/ats/careersite/JobDetails.aspx?id=2770

HVAC Tech 2:   https://unm.csod.com/ats/careersite/JobDetails.aspx?id=1130

Manager, Environmental Services: https://unm.csod.com/ats/careersite/JobDetails.aspx?id=2639

Supervisor, Grounds & Landscaping: https://unm.csod.com/ats/careersite/JobDetails.aspx?id=1460

UNM is located in the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is the flagship University for the state.  The Physical Plant Department is responsible for the care and upkeep of the physical campus environment.  Additionally, the department maintains the University’s district energy system providing electricity, steam, chilled water, and domestic water through its own distribution systems.