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Rocky Mountain APPA Annual Meeting
September, 2015

Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana, USA

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2015 Rocky Mountain APPA Annual Meeting

MontanaThe 2015 RMA Annual Meeting and Conference is in Big Sky, Montana and is hosted by Montana State University (Bozeman, MT).
Its theme is Big Sky – Big Ideas.

Rocky Mountain APPA (RMA) provides a members annual meeting. The annual meeting is combined with educational sessions and networking activities in a regionally customized professional development conference.

The location for the annual conference alternates throughout the Region. The RMA Board’s Annual Meeting Coordinator nominates potential Host institutions for Board vote usually three years prior to the event date because it requires lead time for comprehensive planning the event. The Host institution nominates a Chair-person that joins the RMA Board for the four year duration (3 years of planning prior to the event and 1 year following the event for planning assistance).

The annual meeting is a premier event for educational facilities professionals. It’s a networking and learning experience for facilities officers, directors, and management personnel at every level from Facilities Management which includes Operations and Maintenance; Campus Planning; Project Management, Construction and Architectural Services; all other institutional services.

The educational sessions explore the latest trends, challenges and solutions facing facilities organizations within colleges and universities; K-12 private academies and public school systems; libraries, museums, and other institutions of learning.