Lisa Potter, RMA President 2016-2017, honors RMA members with award at Annual Conference

It’s a tradition in RMA for the current president to recognize individual members for their contributions to the organization. Three types of awards are given every year at the RMA annual conference: The H. Val Peterson Award, the Lee Newman Award, and the RMA President’s Award.

The RMA President’s Award is selected by the RMA president and was awarded to Emmet Boyle from the University of Regina.

Potter said, “Emmet has served on the RMA Board as the RMA 2011 Host Committee Chair, Chair of Awards and Recognition, 2014 RMA President and is now completing his stint on the board as Senior Rep.  Now Emmet has agreed to be the new chair of the Regional Representatives Committee for APPA. Thank you, Emmet, for your hard work and dedication to RMA and APPA.”

The Lee Newman Award is selected by the RMA Board of Directors and was awarded to Chuck Gumeson with the RMH Group for a variety of reasons.

Potter said when presenting the award to Gumeson, “RMH has been a long-term contributing business partner to RMA and APPA.   RMH and Chuck have sponsored the Yellow Ball at our golf tournaments for more years than I am aware of. Chuck had reached a point in his life and career where he could have easily stepped aside to let someone else take on the responsibility of the business partner representative and retire, but he didn’t step aside and he actually stepped up to the role.  While this position can be demanding of his time away from his job, Chuck has been able to attend all RMA functions without fail and has supported two of our state chapters: WYOAPPA and COAPPA.  Chuck has increased his presence and visibility within our business partners, who are our life blood.  He also took on the initiative to create a Code of Ethics for Business Partners and assisted APPA with the endeavor as well.”

The H. Val Peterson Award is selected by the RMA Board of Directors and was awarded to Rachel Stone from The University of New Mexico.

Potter said, “This year’s award was an easy one to pick.  If you haven’t noticed our RMA website has gone through an amazing transformation over the past two years and you have been receiving timely RMA news / informational bulletins from this remarkable woman.”

The H. Val Peterson Award is given to recognize outstanding contributions in communications to the wider RMA membership.