Message from the new RMA President

Hello Rocky Mountain APPA!!

What an honor it is to be named president of this great region!  I am excited to learn from and share with you as I lead our organization.  As I begin my tenure, I need to thank Lisa Potter, immediate past president.  She has left such a large footprint to follow. Her dedication and professionalism to the association, region, and profession is a true example of what a  great leader is.

Over the last year, as president elect, I was asked, “what do you want to accomplish as president of RMA?”  As I shared, it is what WE accomplish.  In the coming year, I ask that you get involved! As each of you promised to “support and assist officers whenever you were called upon,” I am calling upon you to support and assist. The RMA Board is a resource to all members of the region and continually looks at ways to encourage and involve members. In order to be successful, our members need to be and feel a part of the organization they belong to.  As Dale Carnegie has stated, “People support a world they help create.”

Generation X’ers and Millennials, you are not only the future, you are the NOW of RMA and APPA. We need you to get involved! Programs designed to engage and welcome you include the APPA Young Professionals (AYP)  and the 14ers Mentoring Program.  AYP is designed to allow you to engage, offer different and new perspectives, grow as a facilities leader, and contribute to and invigorate the broader membership. 14ers is designed to partner you with a mentor who have a passion for the profession, a desire to share their knowledge, and would also love to learn from you.

I encourage everyone to support our RMA regional goals. Everybody can be a mentor or mentee through the 14ers program.  Certification through the EFP or CEFP programs enhance your credibility in the facilities management profession. Bringing the Leadership Academy to your campus is a great way to build team cohesiveness and a clear vision for your facilities team.  With APPA and RMA allocating funds when your institution has 20 or more participants on campus, your per student cost is practically 50% off!!  Finally, ensure your institution renews their APPA membership.  These goals are meant to give back to the members and support the APPA International president’s (Chris Kopach) goal of “Harnessing and Transferring of Knowledge.”

Rocky Mountain APPA has so much to offer if you are willing to participate. Please reach out to any board member for guidance and/or support.

I look forward to seeing what we create in the next year.

Thank you.


Luis H. Rocha

RMA President

University of Arizona