Proposed RMA bylaw changes for membership review

When the RMA Board of Directors met last Spring, a number of suggested edits for the RMA bylaws were discussed. The suggested changes were regarding:

Article III, 3 Institutional Membership
Article III, 12 Rights and Privileges
Article III, 13 Dues
Article IV, 4 Election
Article IV, 11 Communication Coordinator
Article V, 2 Quorum
Article V, 3 Order of Business

The draft of the proposed bylaw changes for the organization can be found on the RMA website. Members are encouraged to review this document and provide feedback to their “institutional representative” for the purposes of electronic voting on the proposed changes in mid to late August.

If you have any questions about these proposed bylaw changes, please contact RMA’s President, Lisa Potter, at

To review the proposed changes, click here: RMA Bylaws draft 2017 v1.3