RMA seeks Professional Development Chair

Rocky Mountain APPA (RMA) is seeking a dedicated professional to join the Board as the Chair of Professional Development. The Chair will coordinate the delivery of Supervisor’s Toolkit trainings, Leadership Academy on Campus, Drive-in Workshops, and other training within the RMA region.  This individual will also represent RMA on the APPA Professional Development Committee. The normal term commitment is three years, and candidates should review the position details available at: http://rma-appa-org.secure49.ezhostingserver.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Board-Member-Duties-100916.pdf .
If you are interested in this position, and would like to be considered, please send a letter of interest to Emmet Boyle (emmet.boyle@uregina.ca) confirming you have institutional support and describe what unique skills make you the ideal candidate. Letters of interest must be received by March 31, 2017.  The successful candidate will join the Board meeting located at the Jackson Hole, Wyoming on September 17, 2017.