RMA Scholarship Applications due by February 15th, 2017

RMA supports the professional development of the employees of its member institutions. The professional development of personnel in the field of facilities (operations, maintenance, design, construction, etc.) is essential to ensure that the employee can continue to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities available in providing facility services to the institution. RMA believes this professional development can be achieved through a wide variety of activities, two of which are the Academy and the Institute.

RMA is currently committed to providing a scholarship for tuition to the Academy and four scholarships for tuition to the Institute. The number and value of the scholarships to both the Academy and the Institute can be changed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors (the Board) of RMA.

In addition to the scholarships provided by RMA, the national organization, APPA, also provides scholarships to both the Academy and the Institute. APPA currently provides one scholarship for tuition to the Academy and one scholarship for tuition to the Institute.

Guidelines for Selection of APPA Institute and Academy Scholarship Recipients

The RMA scholarships and the recommendation for the APPA scholarships are awarded on a majority vote of the Board. Members of the Board cannot vote on the scholarship application of any individual from their respective institution. Factors for selection of scholarship recipients:

  • Financial need as explained by the recommending supervisor.
  • Special consideration will be given to women, minorities and disabled applicants.
  • A single institution may have no more than one scholarship awarded for the Institute and the Academy per year*(per cycle) unless there are no other applications submitted for the Institute or Academy.
  • Awards will only be made to an individual whose institution holds current membership in both RMA and APPA.
  • When awarding scholarships for the Institute, we give preference to individuals who have already completed at least one track of the Institute.
  • Preference for members of the RMA 14er’s Club.
  • Preference for Leadership Academy scholarship applicants who have EFP or CEFP.
  • When awarding scholarships to the Leadership Academy, we only consider people who have completed all four tracks of the institute.
  • Applicant must have addressed on his/her application the following:
    • Demonstrated commitment to the facilities profession (can be shown by work/membership on local, regional and/or national/international professional organizations associated with facilities; i.e., SCUP, IFMA, BOMA, APE).
    • Progressive career development within the profession (can be shown by job history, education, training, etc.).
    • Potential for future career development (normally shown by endorsement from immediate supervisor and/or administrative/executive supervisor at the institution).

Procedure for Scholarship Application:

  • Complete the scholarship application (http://www.appa.org/rmascholarship/scholarships_app.cfm) online.
  • Applications must be completed, sent and received by the Chair of the Awards & Recognition Committee by midnight of February 15th of each year.
  • Any applications received after this date will not be considered and the sender will be encouraged to reapply for the following year.

Scholarship Awards:

  • The Board will award four separate scholarships for tuition and recommend to APPA one separate scholarship for tuition for the Institute each year.
  • The Board will award a scholarship for tuition and recommend to APPA a scholarship for tuition to the Academy each year.
  • An individual may receive only one scholarship from either RMA or APPA for any purpose (attend either the Institute or Academy).
  • Scholarship recipients will be encouraged to:
    • Write an article for either the Facility Manager Magazine or RMA Web Site or both.
    • Become the state/province representative (correspondent) for the RMA Web Site.
    • Be a presenter at either the national educational conference or the annual regional conference within two years of award of the scholarship.
    • Become more involved in either RMA or APPA; national committee member, regional officer, etc.

If you have any questions regarding your application please do not hesitate to call Steven Gasser, RMA Awards & Recognition Board member, at 403-220-7001, or email at sdgasser@ucalgary.ca.